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Sunny [Free & SFW]

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Sunny [Free & SFW]

145 ratings

By purchasing this avatar you agree to follow the rules listed below, so please be sure to read thoroughly beforehand.

Update!!: This avatar now has proper Physbones!

The NSFW version and alternate colors are available in my server Nitro!

-- F e a t u r e s

◦ Everything except feet are 100% from scratch

◦ Three Unique Colors, Peach, Cherry, and Grape, and more in my server!

◦ Toggles For Horns, Leg Warmers and Swap between Shirt and Sweater off

◦ Custom Facial Expressions

◦ Custom Hand Drawn Icons

-- E x t r a I n f o

◦ This package Poiyomi Shaders which is not included. Please import your own before importing the package.

Locomotion Fix is not included in this package, but I recommend it!

◦ This avatar is not optimized for Quest!

-- R u l e s

◦ You must have a basic understanding of Unity and uploading avatars to use this package correctly!
◦ Do not post the package publicly, if someone would like it, please just refer them to this page!
◦ Do not use the assets in any commercial way. You can purchase the commercial rights to them separately. Personal is fine; just please credit me!
◦ Do not upload this avatar publicly.
◦ Do not claim the avatar as your own work. You're free to edit it and claim that, but please make sure not to take full credit.
◦ Please contact me for use in videos, streaming, etc. via discord linked above.

-- C r e d i t s & T h a n k s
Feet - Zinpia

(Mesh Edit, UV, Rigging, and Textures are done by me and are not for reuse please!)

Thank you to all my friends who supported me through this and tested the avatar for me! Special thanks to Billie especially, I couldn't have done any of this without their support. Seriously, thank you guys so much.

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