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Sunny's Horns and Tail - Commercial License

26 ratings
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Sunny's Horns and Tail - Commercial License

26 ratings

-- Includes Commercial License

This asset includes two versions, a normal option and an optimized one specifically for green avatars. Please note the normal one is not high poly! The optimized one is just extra optimized, do not worry about using the original!

Includes five textures, orange, green, purple, black, and white versions.
Mesh is almost entirely in quads.

-- Optimized Version

Horns : 308 tris / 154 polys - no bones

Tail : 2,673 tris / 1,339 polys - 14 bones

Total : 2,980 tris / 1,493 polys - 14 bones

-- Normal Version

Horns : 576 tris / 288 polys - no bones

Tail : 8,962 tris / 4,484 polys - 26 bones

Total: 9538 tris / 4772 polys - 26 bones

By purchasing my product you thereby agree to follow the guidelines listed below:

Terms Of Service or Use

- Information must be correctly filled out at checkout, otherwise I won't have any ways to prove you truly purchased it and you will be blacklisted. When gifting, please provide the recipient's information instead.

- Do not redistribute this asset or parts of it in any form other than on a completed model.

- Always provide direct credit with accessibility to me or the product when using. Examples include but aren't limited to:

Links to my gumroad, discord server, or carrd.

My direct discord tag, including the numbers.

Other ways to directly reach my work.

- In no way can you claim or imply you created this asset. This includes not providing direct credit when needed.

- Selling textures or other additions that do not include the asset's mesh are okay as long as:

The additions are completely made originally by you. Edits (such as hue shifting) are not allowed to be sold as your are still selling my or others work.

You include information or reference, such as a link, to the original asset it's supporting.

- This asset can be used on publicly uploaded models. If it is in an avatar world, you must publicly state the avatars are not entirely made by you.

- My assets can not be used to replicate my or other creator's commercial avatars. Similarities always happen but if I notice too many I may ask you to remove my assets.

- My assets can not be used for malicious or otherwise controversial material or acts. Anything that would otherwise defame me or my work is prohibited.

- You may use my assets for personal work in other platforms than VRChat, but you must contact me and inform me of the platform if you wish to use it commercially.

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