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Pepper [VRC Model]

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By purchasing this avatar you agree not only that your are above the age of 18, but also to follow the rules listed below, so please be sure to read thoroughly beforehand.

If you encounter any issues please let me know in my discord server:

If you purchase a lower tier package and would like to upgrade it or purchase the full package, please message me via the discord linked above with your license key and I will give you a discount code!

Concerned about the price? Send me a message through discord for a cheaper, condensed option to test it out before you buy it! It is upload only.

-- F e a t u r e s

◦ Everything except DPS Mesh is completely from scratch. Including entirely unique character design.

◦ Five Unique Colors, Creampuff, Blueberry Muffin, Choco Fruit, Salt, and ASDFGH

◦ Radial Color swaps for individual meshes, and Hue Shifts for each as well

◦ Toggles For Jacket, Shoes, Socks, Bandages, Face Bandaid, Bodysuit, and Swaps between the Standard Puppy Ears and Sharp Fluffy Ears.

◦ Uses VRC Physbones, Including Proximity for Headpats.

◦ All options do include a Green Optimized version of the avatar.

◦ Custom Facial Expressions.

◦ Lighting and Outline Control.

◦ 54 Custom Hand Drawn Icons.

◦ Full DPS Support with 8 orifices, including but not limited to Hands, Feet, and Chest.

-- E x t r a I n f o

◦ This package utilizes VRC Physbones, Poiyomi Pro Shaders, Raliv's Dynamic Penetration System and the latest 3.0 VRC SDK, all of which are not included. Please import your own before importing the package.

◦ For the Masc penetrator to work, you must be using Poiyomi Pro. If not using Pro, it will still appear normal, but will not move as intended.

◦ The latest SDK featuring more parameters must be used to upload the base "All Colors" variant of the avatar.

Locomotion Fix is not included in this package, but I recommend it!

◦ This avatar is not optimized for Quest!

◦ The upload time for the "All Colors" versions of the avatar will take quite a while to upload and the file size will be larger. "Separate Color" versions are added if you have only one color you prefer to help load times and file size.

-- R u l e s

◦ You must have a basic understanding of Unity and uploading avatars to use this package correctly!
◦ Do not share or post the package, any use must be limited to those who have directly purchase it's corresponding package
◦ Do not take assets from the package or avatar for separate use. You must purchase them separately.
◦ Do not upload this avatar publicly, or upload it for others. If you need someone to upload it for you, DM me through discord or have both of you purchase the avatar.
◦ Do not claim or imply the avatar is your own work. You're free to edit it and please take credit for those changes, but please make sure to never take full credit.
◦ Please contact me for use in videos, streaming, etc. via discord linked above. Expect any commercial use to come with large extra charges.◦
◦ Do not use this avatar to support hateful ideologies or to intentionally harm or harass others.
◦ Refunds can only be provided if the distribution of files failed in some ways. If you have or have had them, no refund can be provided.

-- C r e d i t s & T h a n k s

DPS Mesh - ImLexz

(Textures done by me and are not for reuse. Mesh is only included in options for the Masc with DPS,)

Everything else is done by me!

Thanks to Cam for their multitude of helpful tools for ease of avatar making.
And thank you to my friends for all of the support!

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Optimized Version?
Included in all options!
Quest Version?
Not included.
File Size - All
530 MB
File Size - Separate Gender DPS
418 MB
File Size - Separate Gender
296 MB
-- All Colors
Approx. 130 MB in upload size. Includes everything listed in the features. Takes quite a while to upload, not recommended for lighter PCs.
-- Separate Colors
Approx. 39 MB in upload size. Includes everything listed in the features excluding material or texture swaps. Upload is much faster and perfect for lower end PCs or large gatherings.
-- Optimized
Approx. 25 MB in upload size. Includes everything listed in features excluding material or texture swaps, and only supports a single hue slider for the entire avatar. Upload is the same as Separate Colors, as it is only lower poly count in comparison. Avatar is labeled Green optimization, so it is perfect for events or others areas with stricter regulations.


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Pepper [VRC Model]

13 ratings
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